Yarn Advent 2024

Welcome to the annual Wolbeest Yarn Advent Calendar!

Please read the information below carefullly before you order.

What is a yarn calendar?

An advent calendar is a countdown calendar until Christmas day, a fun way to spend the time before christmas by opening a package every day. There will be 12 or 24 exclusively hand dyed mini-skeins, individually wrapped and numbered and on some days there's something extra like a stitch marker or some tea and a sweet. It's such a wonderful, fun experience and a real treat for yourself or a loved one!

There is a 12 days yarn advent and 24 days this year. The 12 days advent is inclusive a 100grs skein in the same quality yarn as the mini-skeins. It is also possible to order 4 x 100grs skeins, one for each week of the Advent.

There are different themes/moodboards to choose from this year:

  1. Azure
  2. Mint & Lilac
  3. Indian summer
  4. Fall
  5. Purple, blue & teal
  6. Star Wars
  7. GOT
  8. Fantastic Beasts
  9. Winnie the Pooh

What’s included?

There will be a new package (individually wrapped) to open every day of Advent, starting from December 1st until Christmas Day. In this package will be a hand dyed mini skein (yarn of your choice) and on some days there will be an extra surprise!  

Each mini skein will be hand dyed in an exclusive colourway. You can expect solids, semi solids, variegated, ton-sur-ton or speckled skeins. The skeins will be dyed in a fade, so you can start knitting right away. The colours can be knitted in the order they are opened or you can mix them in different ways.


  • 24 x 20 grs. skeins individually wrapped and numbered;
  • goodies;
  • 2 knitting patterns, designed specially for this year’s Advent Calendar
  • coffee, tea and sweets.


  • 12 x 50gr. skeins individually wrapped and numbered;
  • goodies;
  • a knitting pattern, designed specially for this year’s Advent Calendar
  • coffee, tea and sweets.


  • 12 x 20grs. individually wrapped and numbered;
  • goodies;
  • a 100gr. skein
  • a knitting pattern, designed specially for this year’s Advent Calendar
  • coffee, tea and sweets.

Four weeks option:

  • 4 x 100grs. individually wrapped and numbered;
  • goodies;
  • 2 knitting patterns, designed specially for this year’s Advent Calendar
  • coffee, tea and sweets.

You can choose different yarns:

All of them are very soft and can be worn on the skin.

  • Wolbeest merino sock (75% sw merino – 25% nylon); 20gr./85m. or 50gr./210m.
  • Wolbeest BFL sock (75% sw BFL – 25% nylon); 20gr./85m. 
  • Wolbeest HT sock (80% sw merino – 20% nylon); 20gr./73m. or 100grs./365m.
  • Wolbeest single sock (100% sw merino); 20gr./73.2m. or 100grs./366m.
  • Wolbeest basic sock (75% sw virgin wool; 50grs./210m. or 100grs./420m.

There is an option to order extra 100gr skeins (at additional cost) in addition to the Advent calendar, so that you have enough yarn to use for a bigger project, such as a sweater, cardigan or a bigger shawl. This extra skein will be the same quality as the mini-skeins of your calendar. You can also order a mohair-silk skein, fun to knit together with the mini-skeins as it creates a lovely halo or you can use it to combine with the other yarn.

I have added the option 'Dyer's Choice' if you want to order an extra 100grs skein with your yarn advent and have trouble choosing. Lots of people find it hard to choose a colour for the extra skein to match with the mini's.

If you don’t want to order an extra skein, click ‘none’ in the dropdown list otherwise the programme won’t let you continue.

Payment and price:

There is a special discount for everyone who orders a calendar before the 30th of April, an early bird discount of 5%! You can use the code: earlybird2024 at the checkout. After 30 April regular prices will be charged.

It is possible to pay for the calendar in 2 instalments (no early bird discount). You pay a €50 deposit (non refundable) and the rest in two instalments; the 1st  on the 31st of May and the 2nd on the 31st of July (via a payment request via PayPal).

Once purchased, I will begin ordering supplies straight away. I’m afraid I cannot accept cancellations.

When will the calendars be dispatched?

Canada, USA, Europe and the Netherlands: orders will be shipped starting September 2024.

NOTE! Once purchased, your yarn advent box will not ship until September 2024!!!

IF YOU ORDER OTHER ITEMS TOGETHER WITH THE ADVENT CALENDAR, THEN THESE WILL SHIP AT THE SAME TIME/TOGETHER. Should you want to receive these items earlier, then order these items separately please.

Until what date can I order?

This advent is a pre-order and I will keep this open until the 30th of June 2024 or until sold out. Please note that contrary to other years the time frame to order is smaller and the numbers of advents are limited. This fall there will be different yarn festivals I plan to attend and the abundance of options I offer take a lot of time to prepare and need careful planning.

Project bags

There is also a beautiful, Christmas themed project bag that you can buy, big enough to keep all your mini-skeins nice and snug (or 2 sock knitting projects)! In addition to that, there also are some themed project bags to complement your yarn advent. All the fabrics I use to make these bags are high-quality and made of 100% cotton.


The pictures are of course an indication, the real magic often happens while dyeing. I use these colour schemes for inspiration and this is very subjective and also a matter of taste. My interpretation might be completely different from your ideas or opinions. Buying a 'mystery' kit is always a risk.

Thank you so much for your order and for supporting of my shop!


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