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Eco 4ply uses wool which comes from Peruvian highland sheep near where the yarn is spun reducing the carbon footprint of the yarn. The sheep are a cross between merino and corriedale breed valuable for the fibre length and strength they create. The yarn is slightly more rustic in nature. Peruvian Highland wool wears well, has plenty of bounce and volume and is not prone to fuzzing and pilling. A great all purpose yarn. The yarn is 100% animal fibre and perfect for dyeing. The yarn is naturally bright in colour and would dye up well in subtle light shades or bright and vibrant colours. For bright vibrant colours we recommend using acid or natural dyes. The yarn is as soft as my bfl sock yarn!

Suitable to knit, sweaters, cardigans, hats, mittens or shawls.

Care Instructions: Hand wash using a wool detergent ideally below 30C, avoid wringing and twisting. Dry flat, do not sun dry, spin or tumble dry.

100gr./350m (383 yds)

Ndls: 3 - 3.5mm.


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