Spring Yarn Advent - Colourful Spring! and Awakenings

Welcome to our ‘Colourful Spring!’ and ‘Awakenings’ Yarn Calendar!

What is it?

It's a yarn calendar to countdown the days till spring. It's been so grey, dull and cold these past few weeks that I really need some gorgeous colours to lift my spirit. Maybe you feel the same? Join me in counting down the days until spring arrives with this beautiful calendar filled with yarny gorgeousness, individually wrapped mini-skeins, small gifts and other treats that will lift your spirit too! The calendar starts on the 27th of February.

What’s included in the ‘Colourful Spring’ - 24 days till Spring?

The calendar consists of 24 mini-skeins divided over 4 mood boards. These mood boards are bright and colourful, but also moody and soft, beautiful complementary colours. Each mini skein will be hand dyed in an exclusive colourway. You can expect dark(er), light(er), vibrant spring colours.  There may be some tonals, semi solids, speckled and variegated skeins. The skeins will be dyed in a beautiful colour sequence, so you can start knitting right away. The colours can be knitted in the order they are opened or you can mix them in different ways.

  • 24 mini skeins 20gr. individually wrapped and numbered;
  • goodies;
  • knitting pattern;
  • coffee, tea, chocolate and sweets;
  • 100gr skein.

What's included in the ‘Awakenings’ Yarn Calendar - 12 days till Spring?

The colours will be based on the three moodboards as shown. There will be light, soft and tranquil, darker, lighter colours as well as some a few bright colours. There may be some tonals, semi solids, speckled and variegated skeins.

  • 12 skeins (20, 50 or 100grs.) individually wrapped and numbered;
  • goodies;
  • knitting pattern;
  • coffee, tea, chocolate and sweets;
  • 100gr skein (not included in the 50 or 100grs. yarn kit). The basic sock yarn is a little bit less soft than the other yarns.

You can choose different yarns:

All of them are very soft and can be worn on the skin.

  • Wolbeest merino sok (75% sw merino – 25% polyamide); 20gr./85m. - 50gr./210m. – 100gr./425m.
  • Wolbeest BFL sok (75% sw BFL – 25% polyamide); 20gr./85m. - 50gr./210m. – 100gr./425m.
  • Wolbeest Basissok (75% sw scheerwol – 25% polyamide); 50gr./210m. of 100gr./420m.
  • Wolbeest singles (100% sw merino); 20gr./73.2m. of 100gr./366m.

There is an option to order a mohair-silk skein (additional cost), fun to knit together with the mini-skeins as it creates a lovely halo or you can use it to combine with the other yarn. If you send me an e-mail we can discuss colour, quantity.

Payment and price:

There is a special discount of 5% until the 15th of December, using the code: SPRING2024 at the checkout. It is possible to pay for the calendar in 2 instalments (no early bird discount). If you would like to pay in instalments, please send me an e-mail: info@hetwolbeest.nl.

Once purchased, I will begin ordering supplies straight away. I’m afraid I cannot accept cancellations.


The yarn kits will start shipping in the week of 19 February 2024.

NOTE! Once purchased, your yarn calendar box will not ship until February 2024!!!
IF YOU ORDER OTHER ITEMS TOGETHER WITH THIS YARN CALENDAR, THEN THESE WILL SHIP AT THE SAME TIME/TOGETHER. Should you want to receive these items earlier, then order these items separately please.

Until what date can I order?

This yarn calendar is a pre-order and I will keep this open until the 1st of February 2023.

There is also a beautiful, spring themed projectbag that you can buy, big enough to keep all your mini-skeins nice and snug (or 2 sock knitting projects)!

Thank you so much for your order and for supporting of my shop!




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