Wolbeest Quarterly Fibre Club

As of this month there will a quarterly fibre club in addition to the monthly fibre club. Every month something gorgeous and woolly to look forward to :-). You can list per quarter of a year.

There are two options:

  • Every month 1 x 100gr hand dyed combed top;
  • Every month 3 x 100gr hand dyed combed top (300gr. of one type of sheep).

With 300gr. you can spin yarn for a bigger project.

Some treats and small gifts are included :-).


The fibre will be shipped at the end of each month, so you'll receive 3 different parcels, each at the end of a month and you'll pay shipping cost 3 times which will be calculated when checking out (if you live in The Netherlands). However, it is also possible to receive the 3 x spinning fibre in 1 shipment. This means you pay shipping cost only once and you will receive the fibre at the end of the 3rd month of the subsequent quarter of the year.

Orders from abroad will only ship once every three months. If you do wish to receive the spinning fibre each month, please contact me at: info@hetwolbeest.nl. Shipping cost will be calculated based on your location.

What to expect?

The colourway of the fibre will be inspired by the picture of the subsequent month. If you order multiple grammes a month, they'll be dyed in a colour sequence and can be a mix of semi-solid or variegated colours. If you order 1 x 100gr each month, the wool will be variegated. It will be a complete surprise!

These pictures are of course an indication, the real magic often happens while dyeing. I use these pictures for inspiration and this is very subjective and also a matter of taste. My interpretation might be completely different from your ideas or opinions. Buying a 'mystery' kit is always a risk.

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