Edgar Allan Poe's 13 nights till Halloween Yarn Calendar


I just love autumn and Halloween! I enjoy the colours of autumn immensely, the different shades of brown, ochre, red and orange! It might have something to do with the fact that I was born in October :-)! I also love Halloween. Not these gruesome and graphic movies, but just some innocent suspense and creepy things. Sitting next to the wood stove, rain slashing against the windows, the howling in the chimney, a hot cacao, an interesting knit and watching a not too scary movie!

This year’s inspiration is Edgar Allan Poe. His dark, poems and gothic novels inspired many film makers and mystery writer.

What is a 13 nights till Halloween Yarn Calendar?

It's a calendar to countdown the days until Halloween. There will be an individually wrapped package every day, 13 days in a row, containing a beautiful hand dyed (mini-)skein, some sweets or some small gift, all exclusively dyed, designed and made for this calendar until the 31st of October (All Hallows' Eve).

Come on and join in all the fun!

What can you expect?

  • 13 x 20gr. mini-skeins dyed in non-traditional 'Halloween' colours inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. Please see the added colours schemes that I will use for inspiration. All skeins are individually wrapped and numbered. The skeins will be dyed in a fade/colour sequence. You may expect semi-solid, solid, speckled, variegated or layered mini-skeins;
  • A 100gr. skein in a beautiful, complementary, lightly speckled, colourway;
  • A project bag;
  • A knitting pattern;
  • Exclusive goodies;
  • Loads of fun!

Different yarn options:

  • Wolbeest Super Sok garen (75% sw merino - 25% nylon; 100gr./ 425m. - 20gr./85m.)
  • BFL Sok (75% sw BFL - 25% nylon; 100gr./425m. - 20gr./85m.)
  • Wolbeest glitter sock (75% sw merino - 20% polyamide - 5% zilver Stellina, 100gr./ 400m. - 20gr./80m
  • Wolbeest Single Sok (12x 20gr.: 100% sw merino; 20gr./ 73.2m.)

Everyone who orders before the 31st of March will get 5% discount (use code: EDGARALLANPOE during checkout). After 31 March regular prices will be charged.


  • 13 x 50gr skeins (75% sw merino - 25% nylon)
  • A knitting pattern;
  • Projectbag;
  • Exclusive goodies all Halloween themed;
  • Loads of fun!

What is the closing date?

You can sign up until the 15th of May 2022

When will the yarn calendars be shipped?

The Netherlands, Europa, Canada, Australia and the US: August 2022

IF YOU ORDER OTHER ITEMS TOGETHER WITH THIS YARN KIT, THEN THESE WILL SHIP AT THE SAME TIME/TOGETHER. Should you want to receive these items earlier, please order these items separately please.

The pictures are of course an indication, the real magic often happens while dyeing. I use these colour schemes for inspiration and this is very subjective and also a matter of taste. My interpretation might be completely different from your ideas or opinions. Buying a 'mystery' kit is always a risk.

Thank you so much for your order and for supporting my shop!




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