TdF 2021 Trivial Pursuit - Yarn Edition

TdF 2021 Trivial Pursuit - Yarn Edition

Most spinners have heard of the Tour de Fleece, which is held every year on Ravelry. Ravelry is an international platform for knitters and crocheters. During the three weeks of the Tour de France spinners happily tred or spin on their wheel or spindle.

This year for the first time, there will also be a yarn edition! A knitting pattern is included.

The game leads you through France, it's architecture, culture and the French way of living (Vive La Vie) and in the end awaits the Victory at the Champs Elysées! There is a reward waiting, which cannot be revealed yet ;-).

What can I expect?

21x a 10gr mini skein of Wolbeest Super Sock (75% sw merino - 25% nylon; 10gr./ 42.5m.), a knitting pattern, the necessary doping and a surprise on the last day! On some days the cyclists rest and on those days you don't knit or spin.

What colours can I excpect?

All colours within the colour spectrum, beautifully arranged in a fade.

Until when can I sign up?

Until the 30th of April 2021.

When will the yarn box be shipped?

It will be shipped in June 2021. As soon as it is send, you will receive a track & trace code.

IF YOU ORDER OTHER ITEMS TOGETHER WITH THIS  YARN BOX, THEN THESE WILL SHIP AT THE SAME TIME/TOGETHER. Should you want to receive these items earlier, please order these items separately please.

Thank you so much for your order and for supporting my shop!


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